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Since ancient times the sacred olive tree is being cultivated at the area of Monemvasia, Lakonia. The combination of the area's climate, soil, and the fine variety of the local olive trees, give this olive oil its high quality, a golden-green colour and a fruity flavour and aroma.

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Our mission is to thrill our customers with our authentic Greek olive oil, elevate their dishes to the next level and ensure its fine quality and healthy ingredients.. Today our family has its own organic olive trees, and collaborates with other local producers who have the same passion for making the green "gold".

More than two varieties

Sempepos olive oil production plants is located in a fertile region in Monemvasia, which are grown two different olive varieties.

Athinolia is a purely Greek olive variety, with excellent characteristics. Olive oil from Athinolia is of excellent quality, heavy aromatic characteristics with a rather low viscosity.

Athinolia is the first massive collection of olives, opening each harvesting period.

Koroneiki variety is considered among specialists, the king of oil producing olive trees.

This is a very important variety to Greek agriculture as most (60%) of the olive oil coming from Greece comes from this variety which is ranked as one of the world’s best in terms of taste and health benefits.

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