Landscape, Soil, Climate

A unique Combination


pure natural fruit of the highest quality and of the unique nutritional value

The olive tree is the emblematic tree of the Peloponnese

Olive oil the “Great healer” as Hippocrates called it, has been part of Greek history since antiquity. It was regarded as a basic and irreplaceable nutritional component of the Greek diet, helping to protect one’s health and adding to one’s longevity. It is not an overstatement that no other people has accumulated over such a long time similar amounts of experience in relation to the olive tree.

Lakonia is one of the most well known olive production areas of Greece, located on the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula. Over 65% of Greece’s olive oil production comes from the Peloponnese. With a Mediterranean climate, Lakonia enjoys a weather pattern of hot dry summers and cool to mild winters with some rain. Hillsides to let lifegiving winds blow freely through the branches.  Just what the olive trees needs. Not much. But the demands are precise.


The region of Monemvasia

On a hill looking down on a valley with terraced olive groves rising one above the other and above the Myrtoo sea. Shades of green, dry earth, grey and blue. This is Monemvasia region renowned as one of the best areas in the world for olive oil production.


hilltop villages, olive trees and beaches with turquoise water.